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Portland Cement 42.5 - Portland Cement Supplier

Our Partner's are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified company's, and have allocations with over SIXTY (60) Cement Factories worldwide!

  • Have you tried to get a quotation for Portland Cement from other companies? I'm sure you have!
  • Do you manage to get any Information such as prices? I bet you didn't or if you did, you had to supply loads of details including LOI's up front!
This year, 2009, has seen another increase in Cement prices and consequently we have had to adjust our prices. HOWEVER, we still remain amongst the cheapest in the industry. Please feel free to check our prices with other providers of Cement, but also please compare our procedures, quantities we can supply.

Within this website, you will soon find out we can do what others cannot! We are NOT afraid to quote FULL prices, commission structures, Procedures, Issue Contract terms in advance

The main manufacturers include CEMEX, Holcim, and many others and you are certainly free to go directly to them. However, most of their cement and cement of the other large manufacturers is "pre-sold" through "Allocation Holders" who then in turn sell the cement to buyers like yourself.

We are willing and able to supply an unlimited supply of Cement to Any Safe World Port (ASWP) providing that you abide to our conditions, which include but are not limited to:

1.  Prices are confirmed as per our price list.
2.  Minimum quantities per shipment is 12,500MT
3.  Contracts of not less than 12 months or per adjusted contracts.

Our partner's have signed chartered Agreements with some of the largest Cement conglomerates owning and distribute cement from various Mills worldwide.

We are able to supply the product and quantity that you need. If you are interested in sourcing through our allocations please read the details on our procedures.

We consider ourselves as truly ASWP suppliers as not everybody in the market can use this statement correctly!  Furthermore we have one of the best payment options to be offered to any potential buyer.

We have built relationships with our clients (suppliers and buyers) based on professionalism, mutual respect and perfect service, leading to the optimization of the cement supply chain. As deadlines are critical and trust is usually a major factor our Supplier No. 2 provides Proof of Product (POP) and Operative Performance Guarantee of 2% before the buyers operative LC!

In addition, we accept NON-TRANSFERABLE financial instruments and we provide all Certificates such as GOST, SABS Certification, SONCAP Certification, EN 197, BSS 12, ASTM C-150 Certification, Emirates Quality Mark Certification, SASO Certification as requested by the buyer FREE OF CHARGE!

We realize that "time is money" and therefore we treat our clients with the same mutual respect. Therefore, you will fully understand why these procedures are being put in place, both for your protection and ours. In addition, we will send you a NCNDA for signature by both parties, once again in order to protect both our interests.

Unfortunately, we have had numerous instances and very bad examples of 'TIME WASTER' and "FAKE BUYERS" with falsified documents or buyers who just sign purchase contracts without having any funds for the Commodity available. Therefore we have changed our procedures for 2009 and will only entertain serious buyers (and their intelligent agents) who can clearly demonstrate that:

a)    The Buyer is financially able to purchase the minimum quantity of 150,000 MT per year for $88.00 per MT = $13,200,000 (Eleven Million and One Hundred Thousand USD) for a 12 months contract.

b)    The Buyer must be willing to accept our contract and payment terms as laid out in the DRAFT SALES AND PURCHASE CONTRACT, which you can download here and you can study the contract with your lawyers at your leisure. If you would like to receive this draft agreement in Word Format, you can request it here.


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